The Loon Lake Story



Hi, I’m Dre! Chandler (candle maker), founder, operations, customer service, and website designer here at Loon Lake Candles! The Dre of all trades, if you will.

I hold this story very near and dear to my heart because it has changed the way I view life entirely for the better.

It was a sunshine-filled day at the cabin in Park Rapids, MN in April of 2020. I was working in logistics at the time so I had truck drivers calling me left and right. Then, all of a sudden, my brain went, “CANDLES, CANDLES, YOU MUST MAKE THEM!”

So I let that idea fester for a couple weeks.

Like a fly swarming around my head, the idea to make candles wasn’t going to stop even after endless swats and arm flailings.

So I researched and researched and researched some more, to the point where I could have written a dissertation on the candle making process. Dr. Dre has a nice ring to it, after all.  After six months of researching and testing, the day came when I knew I needed to take a leap, I was ready to become a chandler.

Thus –  Loon Lake Candles LLC was born!

In the beginning, the kitchen of our small one-bedroom apartment doubled as my candle studio. It was not ideal by any means, actually it added a couple extra hours for set up and take down, making pouring a daunting task at the time.

Now, however, thanks to Dylan’s dad for sharing space in the new shed, long gone are days working in a dim lit cramped space for pouring!



To those who believed in me from the start; thank you for your love and support. Without you I wouldn’t be writing this here today. This dream has been a long time coming, and I am blessed to say this is only the beginning.

I want to personally thank my mom for believing in me, my dad for his guidance, Dylan for loving me through all this even when I’m hungry, Dany for listening to my every woe, Kjirstin and Tom for a roof over my head, Deanna for her kind heart. Without you all life wouldn’t be the same.



Not even close. Ultimately I will continue developing Loon Lake Candles into a sustainable and carbon-neutral candle company., which is the driving force behind the handmade concrete collection for the Summer 2021 launch. We aren’t perfectly there yet, but we’re one step closer than we were before.


THE END (for now)