The Loon Lake Story

Hi friend, I’m Dre!

I am the chandler (candle maker), founder, operations, customer service, and website designer behind Loon Lake Candles! The Dre of all trades, if you will.

I hold this story very near and dear to my heart. it has not only changed the way I live life, it has brought an entirely new meaning to it.


It was a sunshine-filled day at the cabin in Park Rapids, MN in April of 2020. I was working as a broker in logistics at the time, I had truck drivers calling me left and right to get from point A to point B, when, all of a sudden, my brain went, “CANDLES, CANDLES, YOU MUST MAKE THEM!”

Sure, I loved a good candle as much as the next person, but the idea of making them myself had never dawned on me until this single moment.

So I let that idea fester for a couple weeks to see if it would dissipate like the thousands of other business ideas I had dreamt up in the past.

Like a fly swarming around my head, the idea to make candles would not subside even after endless swats and arm waving.

So I researched and researched until my mind thought of nothing but candle making. It got to the point where I could have written a dissertation on the candle making process -After all, Dr. Dre does have a nice ring to it.

After six months of researching and testing, the day came when I knew I needed to take the leap and lock in the license.

Thus –  Loon Lake Candles LLC was born!

In the beginning, the kitchen of our small one-bedroom apartment doubled as the candle studio. It was not ideal by any means, it added a couple extra hours to the process for set up and take down, making pouring a daunting task really BUT it worked!

After eight months of side-hustling my candle dream, it was time to take Loon Lake Candles to the big leagues. I accumulated the courage and savings to quit my corporate job in April of 2021 – and haven’t looked back since.

The small kitchen candle pouring days are now over, and I have gratefully graduated to a decent sized space in Dylan’s Dad’s shed. The pouring process now is an island breeze, however, I will never forget the good ol’ days to keep me humble!

For the time being, I am focusing solely on candles, however, in time, I plan to create new products to help cultivate a present life for those seeking it.

What the future truly holds, only time will tell.

As there are thousands of other candle websites out there, thank you for being here, choosing here, and hearing about my story. It is because of people like you I am able to do what I do.

with love and gratitude,



To those who believed in me from the start; thank you for your love and support. Without you I wouldn’t be writing this here today. This dream has been a long time coming, and I am blessed to say this is only the beginning.

I want to personally thank my mom and dad for their love and guidance, and not calling me crazy for jumping the 9-5 ship for my candles. Dylan for loving me through all this even when I’m hungry, Dany for listening to my every woe, Kjirstin and Tom for a roof over my head and always making me feel loved and at home, Deanna for her kind heart. Without you all, life would not be the same. Love you guys!


Markets and shows are my fave! This is me in my natural habitat wild and free.

My Baby

Wilma is everything and more that you could ever ask for in a four-legged friend. I hope one day you get to meet her!

My man

From mental breakdowns to post office runs, Dylan has helped me keep my head on straight throughout this beautiful journey!